Choosing the Right Bed & Mattress for the Elderly

As we get older, our bodies start to feel a lot different than they did when we were younger. Our joints ache more often, back pain is a daily occurrence, and we tend to sleep a lot to give our bodies a chance to recover. 

This is especially true for the elderly, who require a good night’s sleep to rest and recuperate after a long day. Finding the right mattress is thus key to delivering an optimum sleep experience, and close attention should be paid to getting the right type of mattress for an elderly sleeper. A too-stiff mattress may lead to muscle or joint pains that linger for a long time, or even chronic pains or potential injuries. Whereas a mattress that is too soft won’t provide enough support, which could also lead to excruciating pain.

If you're thinking about buying beds and mattresses for elderly, we're here to help. This blog will cover some types of beds and mattresses that are ideal for seniors.

1. Hybrid Mattresses

Nowadays, hybrid mattresses are becoming more popular in Singapore because of the comfort-to-support balance they provide. They have an innerspring support core composed of pocketed coils and an extra comforting component made of foam or latex. Simply put, hybrid mattresses offer the necessary support and comfort that elderly people need. Some hybrids like the Zinus hybrid spring mattress Singapore also provide excellent ventilation and heat dispersion to maximise comfort. As elderly people may have trouble regulating their body temperature, resulting in feeling too warm and uncomfortable, this is a great feature to help them achieve uninterrupted sleep at night.

2. Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are excellent at equally dispersing weight and lessening pressure-related aches and pains. Its firm build offers adequate support for the entire body which can reduce pain and unwind the muscles. This is especially important for elderly sleepers who may be dealing with chronic musculoskeletal pains and other chronic health conditions, resulting in discomfort during sleep. Motion is also dispersed efficiently so that slight movements or jostles don’t interrupt the user’s sleep.

3. Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are somewhat similar to memory foam spring mattresses. However, their advantage in buying a latex mattress lies in their density and springiness. This offers better spinal support, which is crucial for for elderly people who are more likely to experience orthopaedic issues. Moreover, latex mattresses are hypoallergenic, which is a great benefit for people with allergies or breathing problems.

4. Pocket Spring Mattresses

If your elderly family member wants a mattress that gives a lot of comfort, mattresses with pocket springs would be a great choice. The user will experience great freedom of movement and higher levels of comfort due to the individually pocketed springs just beneath the padding of the mattress. The Zinus 25cm Tight Top iCoil® Mattress, with its iCoil® spring technology, is a prime example of an ideal pocket spring mattress for the elderly.

Choosing the Right Bed Frames for the Elderly

Once you've picked out a mattress, you'll now have to get a bed frame that goes well with it. Of course, we'll have to consider the elderly and get a bed that provides the most comfort and convenience for them. With that being said, here are some must-have bed features.

1. Adjustability

Elderly people frequently experience mobility problems, so their bedroom should be arranged in a way that makes it comfortable and easy for them to move to and from the bed. Adjustable beds, like the Zinus Beckham Wooden Bed Ensemble, can help elderly people get their preferred bedroom set-up without much effort.

2. Correct Height

The bed should ideally have the appropriate height for the person you're buying it for. If you get a bed that's too low to the ground, the elderly will have to exert more force on their knees to sit and stand up from the bed. If it's too high up, they are at risk of falling over as they try to get up or get off the bed. 

Get The Right Beds and Mattresses at Zinus

The elderly deserve to sleep without having to worry about body pains when they wake up. That’s why here at Zinus, we make sure that every mattress offers the greatest amount of comfort and support possible. Give your senior family members a soothing night’s sleep by getting the best mattresses for the elderly from Zinus.

Order your own bed and mattress from Zinus now and get your product delivered to your doorstep in Singapore within 2-3 business days. We have spring mattresses, latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and more to suit your unique sleep needs.

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