Shipping Policy

Delivery Policy


Delivery for all our products is absolutely FREE!


We can deliver to you within 2 – 3 business days from the sales order date. Our business day is between Monday to Friday. Please note that Sunday and Public Holiday are considered as non-delivery days.


If you required to have the delivery at a later date, please do let us know.  

If during this period, you need to change the delivery date/time, you are to inform our customer service team in writing via our contact us page or Facebook Messenger at least 3 business days in advance. Any changes updated less than 3 business days, may results in later delivery date, in which we are not liable for any form of compensation or issues that arises due to that.


Our delivery team will do their best to fulfill your delivery on the scheduled date. However, in rare and unforeseen circumstances in which they are unable to meet your delivery date. They will liaise directly with you to arrange another suitable date.


Delivery Timing:  9am to 6pm*
(*Our delivery team will contact you a day before delivery to confirm timing.


No last minute change of delivery address.  Any change in delivery address will have to be inform at least 2 days in advance.  We may not be able to fulfill any last minute change in delivery address.  In these cases, we may need to re-schedule delivery date.


Please note that we do not do delivery after 6pm


**Please be reminded to indicate your preferred delivery date in the delivery instruction field during Check-Out**


Kindly ensure that someone is around to receive the delivery on the scheduled delivery date and time. In the event, if we deliver the items but there is no recipient around to receive them. A second attempt will be arranged, however, transportation costs incurred will have to be borne by the customer.


Please note that if in any event, our delivery team are required to deliver the items without the usage of lift, such as, not on lift landing, or lift is not working, etc., there will be a charge of $10 per staircase/storey/level up from the ground level to your home per items (e.g. mattress, bedframe, sofa, etc.)  Please note that this is also applicable to HDB Maisonette units and Landed Properties.


Customers are required to provide such information on the delivery instruction empty field/note section during Check-Out; or at least 2 days before delivery. This is essential as extra manpower may be required to arrange prior to the delivery date.


Kindly note that we reserve rights for not proceeding with the delivery to higher storey if our delivery team deems that the stairway is too narrow and not possible to proceed, and/or it poses hazard to our delivery team for doing that.


In the unlikely event of a wrong item being delivered, please contact our customer service team via our Contact Us page or Facebook Messenger within seven days and a replacement will be shipped to you at no extra charges.


Non-Assembly Policy
We will deliver the items into your home and place it in the designated location. Please take note that we do not provide assembly service for any of our items.


All our products are specially designed to provide ease of assembly by our customers. With that, you can save on extra assembly cost and most importantly to experience the joy and satisfaction in assembling your desired Zinus products. We believe life should be easy and we make it easy for you to assemble too.


Disposal Policy
Zinus Singapore Pte Ltd only provide chargeable disposal service for ‘Like-To-Like’ items.


For example, if you purchase a mattress from us, we will only dispose your old mattress (1 piece) for you at a fee. We will not accept disposing a bedframe for you in this case.


Our disposal fees are listed as follows:


· Mattress (regardless of size): $20 each
· Waterbed* (regardless of size): $50 each
· Bedframe (regardless of size): $50 each
· Sofa (1 seater): $30 each
· Sofa (2 seaters): $40 each
· Sofa (3 seaters): $50 each
· Sofa (other configuration): $30 per seater
· Sofa (1 seater): $30 each
(*Waterbed is to be emptied without water before the arrival of our delivery team)


All Bedframes and Furniture (including Sofa) will need to be dismantled before our delivery team arrives.  We regret that we will not be able to dispose if they are not dismantled upon our arrival.


To save time, please remove any loose items on the subject item to be disposed before our delivery team’s arrival.


We seek your understanding that we are unable to take up last minute on the spot request for disposal. As all disposal arrangements will have to be made before the delivery date to cater for space in our trucks.


Disposal Fee is to be paid directly to the delivery team prior the commencement of the disposal process. Kindly note that they are unable to issue any kind of receipt for the disposal service.


Please note that if in any event, our delivery team are required to move/dispose the items without the usage of lift, such as, not on lift landing, lift is not working, or the items are not able to fit into the lift, there will be a charge of $10 per item, for per staircase/storey/level down from your home to the ground level. Please note that this is also applicable to HDB Maisonette units and Landed Properties.


With reference to this, please be informed that our delivery team has the rights to cancel and not to proceed with the disposal if they deem it impossible to proceed with it due to safety reasons.


For any cancellation of disposal service, please note that we are not liable for any costs incurred for the customer to re-arrange with other moving/disposal provider.