How To Design A Kid’s Bedroom

A kid’s bedroom should promote a child’s growth and development by welcoming your kid to a happy environment with pleasant colours. It should have enough space for children to run around and play, and to grow with them as they get older. 

Most importantly, it should have a sturdy and comfy mattress to support your child’s development. Children need at least eight hours of sleep every day to ensure proper physical and mental development, which makes a good mattress all the more important. Moreover, the mattress or bed frame should be durable to keep the child safe and last throughout their growing years.

Let us guide you in designing a kid’s bedroom that will contribute to your child’s key developmental years. We will discuss how to properly position furniture inside the room and choose the right wall colours. More importantly, we will explain how to choose the right mattress for a kid’s bedroom in Singapore.

Create a Space for Fun

Your kid’s bedroom should be welcoming and relaxing to your child at any age, and allow them to feel like they can relax and have fun in their own little space. Room decor will have a big impact on this and could even change as your child grows up. Younger children may prefer bright and cheery colours, whereas older children, tweens, or teens might prefer decor that shows off their interests and hobbies.

The Bedroom Should Grow with Your Child

Your child will become a teenager before you realise, so it’s good if you can find furniture that grows along with your child. For example, choose a stylish and sturdy bedside table like our Modern Studio Collection Side Table that can hold your child’s nightlight when they’re still young, and their favourite books or devices when they’re older. We ensure that each one uses real mahogany wood and steel tubing, so your kid’s side table is durable and easy to clean.

You can also make sure your kid’s bedroom grows with your kid through smart storage solutions. Your child will eventually have more belongings as the years pass, and adjustable shelves and cabinets will ensure they are kept tidy and organised. 

Our Maddon Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage is another versatile furniture piece for your son’s or daughter’s room that combines a good night’s sleep with ample storage. Its lifting bed frame lets you access a wide storage space at the bottom. Moreover, its framework uses tubular and reinforced steel that prevent sagging and extend the life of your child’s mattress. Our Maddon Upholstered Platform Bed also provides easy gas lift operation that ensures convenient access to the storage area, so older children can use the storage solution on their own.

Buy A Comfortable And Durable Mattress

There are many types of mattresses out there. However, one of the best mattress types suitable for children is the hybrid mattress. It provides the right balance of firmness and softness by combining foam, latex, and spring. Hybrid mattresses like our Hybrid Spring Mattress can thus support your child’s neck and spine while promoting comfy sleep. 

Secure your kid’s mattress on a durable bed frame to ensure a good night’s sleep throughout the years. Our Liam Platform Bed Frame is supported by a reinforced centre beam for long-lasting durability. Moreover, it has durable wood slats are spaced at the optimal width that prevents sagging, promotes motion-free sleep, and increases mattress life. The Liam Platform Bed Frame is also CertiPUR-US Certified, meeting strict US standards for durability and environmental stewardship.

Choose the best mattress for your kid’s bedroom

Your child deserves the best, so choose Zinus the next time you buy a mattress or bedroom furniture online in Singapore. We can provide you with the highest-quality affordable bedside tables, bed frames, and mattresses for your kid’s bedroom. Contact us to find out more or read up on our shipping and delivery.

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