Cooling Mattresses to Beat The Heat

A deep and peaceful sleep at night is a must for everyone. However, there are several factors that prevent us from sleeping well at night. Disturbance due to indoor or outdoor noises, the room temperature and even your personal health conditions are some of the common issues that can hinder your restful night. The mattress we sleep on daily is one such factor which can affect the quality of our sleep. Let’s take a closer look at how cooling mattresses can mitigate these problems. 

Features of a Cooling Mattress

As the name implies, cooling mattresses are mattresses which stay cool to let you enjoy undisturbed sleep at night. Cooling mattresses are usually made up of memory foam and gel beads that allow body heat to be drawn away from the surface of the mattress. The gel beads form pockets of air similar to a foam mattress, but absorb body heat and pull it down towards the lower layers of the mattress. You can thus enjoy a long and cool night of comfortable sleep even in Singapore’s hot and balmy weather. A cooling mattress is just as comfortable as a regular foam mattress or memory mattress, with the added comfort of coolness. 

Why Choose A Cooling Mattress in Singapore?

Do you  toss and turn in the middle of the night, trying to find a cool spot on the bed? Do you wake up feeling tired, sore and irritable due to lack of sleep? If the answer is yes, then you should seriously consider buying a comfortable cooling mattress

Studies have shown that temperature has significant effects on the quality of our sleep. We could experience difficulty falling asleep and factors like calm sleep, sleep satisfaction, and sleep adequateness will also be affected. High temperatures in your sleeping environment like a hot bedroom or a warm mattress can cause a decrease in body temperature and an increase of the average heart and respiratory rate. 

Now, consider the humid weather in Singapore and you can see why a cooling mattress can make a difference. Getting enough and good quality sleep is very important for your health and overall quality of life. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Cooling Mattress

Buying a cooling mattress is a significant investment, and you have to ensure that you get the best product in order to derive all the benefits. This is a checklist of things that you should take into consideration when deciding on the ideal mattress that best fits you:

1. Foam and Fabric

The mattress should have multiple layers of foam along with cooling gel covered by a top layer of cool fabric to achieve maximum comfort and coolness. 

2. Non-Toxic Materials

The mattress should not be made of any materials which can cause health or skin problems with prolonged use. Ideally choose a mattress which uses environmentally-friendly materials in its layers. Zinus cooling mattresses contain biofoam which is made of natural seed oil instead of harmful materials.

3. Backed by Guarantee

You need to be assured of the durability and quality of your cooling mattress. Look for a mattress provider who offers a solid guarantee and preferably a free trial for the mattress. 

Order Zinus Cool Mattresses Online to Keep You Cool

Check out our newly arrived Zinus 'Cool' Mattress Series for a cool and restful sleep at night. Our cool gel infused memory foam and latex mattresses, with extreme cool fabric cover will help you feel as cool as ice in bed, even in humid Singapore. Moreover, Zinus mattresses are made of natural latex and have been tested to guarantee they meet Korean safety standards on radon content. We also offer a 100 day free trial on our mattresses. Buy your cooling mattress online now and stay cool whenever you sleep!