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Buying a mattress seems easy.  But do you know that there are a lot of people who bought wrong mattresses?  The problem here is that customers do not know what they really want and what suits them.  Let us help you with some knowledge so that you don’t make the same mistakes as others.  Ready?  Here we go..

Before you buy a new mattress, make sure you know what is the comfort level that you want.  Do you want the replacement mattress to be firmer or softer than your current mattress?  This is critical, as only your body can tell you if you need a firmer or softer mattress.  With that in mind, it is time to do your research online.

Look for brands which are known for their pedigree in mattress production.  There are tons of brands out in the market, but not all brands are produced or manufactured by themselves.  Most of them are OEM from another mattress manufacturing factory.  What does this mean to you?  Well, it simply means that they do not have the capacity to produce their own mattress, let alone having their own Research & Development and Quality Control.

Being The World’s #1 Online Mattress & Furniture Brand, to date, Zinus has provided places to relax for more than 15 million sleepers and sitters in over 15 countries around the world.  Zinus’ strength is in mattresses.  Globally we have a wide range of mattresses that suits individuals from different countries.  In Singapore alone, to date, we have more than 20 mattress models to choose from.  You will be spoilt for choice, for sure.  Well, we may not have the best mattress, but surely, we have one (if not more) of the best mattresses in the market.  We are a brand with verified ratings of 4.5 stars and together with more than 1,000,000 reviews globally,  we would like to think that we are one of the most rated mattress brands in the world, if not the #1 rated.  You don’t have to believe in us, but you certainly can’t ignore the reviews from end user like yourselves.

Our history started more than 40 years ago in 1979.  We started off being one of the largest tent manufacturers in the world, selling our products in major outlets such as Walmart.  However, a twist of events, led us ventured into mattress business in early 2000s.  Subsequently, we became one of the largest OEM mattress manufacturers in the world, producing OEM mattresses for some of the biggest global brands.  Since the introduction of Zinus brand in 2013, Zinus has never looked back.  We are not only the World’s #1 Online Mattress & Furniture Brand, we are also the World’s Largest Mattress-In-Box Manufacturer.  Being the Pioneer in compression technology, Zinus is the first to introduce Mattress-In-Box concept – the origin of the ‘Mattress-In-Box’ Mattresses.

In Singapore, we have more than 20 models available for selection, from Hard Firm to Comfy Soft, from spring to memory foam to latex, we have it all.  We have a wide range of mattress thickness, from 5” to 14” for your selection too.  We are constantly getting feedback from customers to improve our products, so let us hear from you, and we will make it happen!

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So, your next question will be how to select a mattress.  Well, fret not, we will give you some ideas which might proved to do the tricks.  First of all, please understand that there is no best mattress, but the best fitting mattress according to your needs.

Some may think that a good mattress may be the one with the best specification or maybe the most expensive mattress.  But it can be the cheapest mattress too!  A true good mattress is a mattress that fit your sleeping needs – the one that allow you to sleep soundly, less toss and turns, and more importantly no back pain.  It is not about the price.  Surely there are some really good mattresses in the market but at a premium price.  In Zinus, we have rebuffed the common perception that ‘cheap products are of low quality’ with the introduction of our well designed, award winning, premium quality products.  Customers now do not have to spend a fortune in order to get a good quality product.  All our mattresses went through a series of stringent quality control stages, and all our mattresses are certified by CertiPur-US – click here for more details.  With Zinus, you get the best of both worlds.

CertiPur-US Certified


So, what are the things to look out for when I shop for a mattress?  Let us summarise a few points below to help you understand further:


Sleeping Patterns

There are lots of customers out there who purchase a mattress without knowing if it suits their sleeping patterns.  Put it that way, you may be able to sleep on any mattress, but to optimise your sleep quality, you need to know if the mattress suits you.  The following are some pointers that may provide you some answers or tips:

 Sleeping Positions

  • For Side Sleepers, it is advisable to get a mattress with a softer top or a mattress that is not too firm. This will allow your shoulders to ease into the mattress, relieving the pressure on your shoulders, thus provide adequate support to your neck.


  • For Back Sleepers, try to look for mattresses which can provide you with a good support that allows your spine to ‘relax’ and at its natural position when you lying on your back. A good gauge is, if you are feeling uncomfortable at your lower back or you feel that your lower back is not supported fully, then the comfort level may be a little way off from what you need.


  • For Tummy Sleepers (or Chest Sleepers), you should look for a slightly softer mattress to provide you some comfort for your chest, so as to relieve the pressure on your chest. This is especially important because a mattress that is too firm may create pressure on your chest and making your breathing a bit more difficult.


Comfort Preference

Comfort Preference is subjective.  It varies from person to person.  While some may like firmer mattress, others may prefer softer ones.  Point to note is, the best-selling mattress does not mean that it is the best model for everyone.  That is why Zinus offers different price point, different specifications, different mattress profile and comfort level for you to choose from.  We don’t believe in one model for all.  That is why we produce a wide range of models for you to choose from. 

For example, we would recommend heavier persons and older folks to get a much firmer mattress.  For older folks, it will aid them in getting up easily, ease of turning and provide a good support for their aging spine.  Heavier persons will tend to feel the mattress is softer, comparing with that of lighter persons lying on the same mattress.  So, the heavier you are, the firmer the mattress you should get.  Otherwise, your spine may not get the right kind of support.

For customers who prefer plush like hotel beds that allows them to slumber into a cosy sleep, we have developed a Hotel Grade Mattress Series in the form of our Zinus iCoil 2.0 ‘Cool Series’.  From medium firm to medium soft, these mattresses are designed for that slumbering effect.  Be sure to check them out if you are into slightly softer mattresses.

Zinus 'Cool Series' Mattress

In general, there is no right or wrong answer to whether a firmer mattress is better or a softer mattress is better.  As we aged, we will tend to feel better when we sleep on a firmer mattress.  This is because it will be easier for us to get up, toss and turns, and better support to our frailing bodies.  Whether you are a side or back sleeper will also determine the kind of mattress firmness that is more suitable for you.  Of course, there are exceptions to the above.  Some side sleepers sleep better on a firmer bed as well.  The above merely serve as a guide.


Sleeping Partner

Sleeping alone or sleeping with another partner has different bearing.  If you are sleeping alone, it is fine to select the comfort level or mattress that you desired.  However, if you are sleeping with another partner, you may have to take into consideration of his/her comfort level preference, their sleeping position, etc., so that the mattress can meet both your requirements and needs as much as possible.  This is especially important if your partner has a medical or injury history that needs special attention.


Existing Medical Conditions

If you have existing medical conditions, such as back injury, back pain, Scoliosis, slip disc, shoulders or neck issues, be sure that you select a mattress most suitable for you.  As a general guide, it is better to have a firmer mattress if you have a slip disc or back issue, while a slightly softer mattress might be able to provide you more pressure relieve for your Scoliosis, shoulders or neck conditions.  However, there is no absolute answer to this, as our bodies differ from one another.  You are encouraged to pop by our showroom to try it out yourself.  Tap here to get our showroom address.


Current Mattress Type

Are you sleeping on a spring mattress or foam mattress?  Do you like the conforming nature of a spring mattress or the firmness of a foam mattress?  As spring mattress and foam mattress feels differently, it is important to answer this question first before you start your shopping journey.  If you are unsure what is the different in feel, you may pop by our showroom to have a try and then decide further.  Tap here to get our showroom address.


Mattress Sizes

We only produce local size mattresses to cater for our local market.  Our King size is 183 x 190cm, our Queen Size is 152 x 190cm, Super Single Size is 107 x 190cm, and Single Size is 91 x 190cm.  Do take note of these dimensions when you plan to purchase your next bedframe.  Also, do note that our mattresses are subject to a +/- 2cm tolerance level for the width and length.  This is because mattresses are not made from a mould but labour sewing and closing.  As such, slight variation on the dimension does occur.


Height of Mattress

The height of the mattress refers to the thickness of the mattress.  It may seem to be the least important factor when purchasing a mattress. However, it may save you hundreds of dollars if you pay some attention to it.  The height of mattress becomes important when you are buying a storage bedframe or when you are buying a new mattress to fit to your current bedframe.  As the base of a storage bedframe is usually pretty thick, to buy a thicker mattress may cause inconvenience, especially when you are small or short in height.  Getting up the bed may become a chore.  Also, a thicker mattress might not be able to fit nicely below your headboard, if you the gap between the headboard and the surface of the base of the bedframe is smaller.  That being the case, the thicker mattress may protrude out from the tail of the bedframe, which may not be visually appealing.


Allergy Reaction

If you are sensitive to certain chemical or materials, you may like to be extra careful when selecting a mattress.  As the foam in mattresses are made from chemical, there may be a likelihood for some of you to get allergic reaction.  If that is the case, then you may wish to select a mattress which is free from harmful chemicals.  In Zinus, all our foams are made from natural seed oils, for example, Green Tea Memory Foam, Olive Memory Foam, etc.  Thus, they are free from any harmful chemicals.  To ascertain that, our mattresses are certified by CertiPur-US to meet certain standards in the industry.



Subjective to brands and markets, in general, a decent mattress of 10” pocket spring mattress may cost between the range of $1000 to $2500 for a Queen size mattress.  In Zinus, we are making it affordable for you, our 10” iCoil Pocket Spring Queen Size Mattress only cost a fraction of that - $279 (as it stands at this moment)


Last tip, do remember to change your mattress between 5 to 7 years’ time.  Research has shown that mattress should be changed or replaced between 5 to 7 years, as while we sleep, we shed our dead skin flakes.  The dead skin flakes invite unwanted mites or other micro pests infesting in your mattress.  So, for hygiene issue, we should change our mattress between 5 to 7 years.  This is especially important for people who are allergic to bacteria and dust.


Feel free to visit us or chat with our friendly staff if you need any further help in selecting your mattress.


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