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Feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a “cool” night’s sleep with the Zinus iCoil 2.0 “Cool” Series Mattress. Beat the heat of Singapore’s weather and order our cooling mattresses online. Check one out today!

No sweat! Escape the Singapore heat with Zinus’ Cooling Mattress

Fresh on the scene, Zinus’ 'Cool' Mattress Series is here to give you an invigorating night of rest. With fabric incorporating cool gel-infused memory foam and latex, the mattress’ materials will help you feel as cool as ice in bed, even in humid Singapore. Buy your cooling mattress online now and stay cool whenever you sleep!


Typically, gel memory foams utilise either thermal gel, which provides a cooling sensation when you touch it or phase-changing gel, which changes from solid to liquid as the mattress’ temperature increases. These cooling gel memory foams are specifically formulated with gel beads to absorb heat and draw it away from people, leading to a comfortable surface temperature. Gel also springs back more quickly after movement, decreasing heat retention that you might feel if the foam remains conformed to your body. Try it for yourself with our 100-day free trial! Give us a call at +65 6856 6639 or send us a message online to start your free trial today.


Zinus’ cooling mattresses are similar to memory foam mattresses as both comprise a combination of polyurethane foam, except they also incorporate gel beads or infused cooling gels. While our cooling mattresses share the body-conforming and support features of memory foam, due to its materials, it further helps combat the heat retention commonly associated with memory foam products. If you want to stay cool under Singapore’s hot weather, the cooling mattress is the mattress for you.

Alternative Options

Looking for a more traditional option other than a cooling mattress but still want to keep cool in Singapore? Check out our pocket spring mattresses, whose design promotes air circulation to keep you cool at night. Alternatively, you can check out our guide to choosing a mattress to find a suitable mattress for you and your family’s needs online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cooling Mattress in Singapore

Which type of mattress material keeps you cool?

When you are planning on buying a cooling mattress in Singapore, choose the ones that use cooling materials such as gel-infused memory foam for improved breathability, and graphite copper for hygiene and cooling effects.

Is there truly a cooling mattress in Singapore?

Many brands carry a range of cooling mattresses in Singapore. These mattresses with cooling features that help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating. Zinus offers a variety of cooling mattresses in Singapore, including gel-infused memory foam and breathable hybrid mattresses.Some of them include the Zinus iCoil 2.0 “Cool” Series Mattress, which is a must-have cooling mattress when you want to stay cool in Singapore’s humid weather.

Does a cooling mattress topper really work?

A cooling mattress topper is effective in cooling the bed down to some degree. Some cooling mattress toppers work better than others, depending on the materials used, technology, and manufacturing techniques. If you wish to purchase a cooling mattress online, we recommend buying a cooling mattress topper to help maximise the cooling efficiency of your mattress.