4 Best Mattresses in Singapore to Stop Snoring

Did you know that Singapore is ranked as one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the world? With approximately 1 in 3 Singaporean adults suffering from breathing difficulties due to sleep disorders, Singapore has another title under its belt — a nation strongly associated with snoring. According to a recent study, up to 49% of adults in Singapore snore occasionally. Unfortunately, this can cause serious disruption to the quality of sleep for both the person snoring and the person sharing the bed with them. 

That is why we, at Zinus, have compiled four of the best mattresses that just might help you stop snoring. 

What Causes Snoring?

Before we dive into the best types of mattresses to consider, it is important to first understand the causes of snoring. 

Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the airways in your nose and throat, which can occur due to ageing, allergies, or congestive problems. This narrowing restricts airflow and causes vibration of the soft tissues in the throat, creating the sound associated with snoring. 

Other factors that can cause snoring include:

  • sleeping on your back 
  • drinking alcohol 
  • smoking

What is the Best Mattress for Someone Who Snores

Even though there is no true “anti-snoring” mattress, Zinus has some of the best mattresses in Singapore to help combat snoring.

1. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress 

Memory foam mattresses, such as our Green Tea Memory Foam Mattresses, are particularly popular solutions for snoring as they contour to the individual's natural curves and provide exceptional support while reducing pressure on specific points of the body. This allows for better alignment of the spine and airways, reducing the chances of snoring. 

2. Zinus iCoil Latex ‘Cool’ Spring Mattress

Since one of the main causes of snoring is allergies, our Zinus iCoil Latex & Memory Foam Hybrid ‘Cool’ Spring Mattress collection is the perfect option. Made with natural latex layers that boast antimicrobial properties, these hypoallergenic mattresses will ensure that you get a restful night's sleep. 

3. Zinus HD Foam Mattress

A high-density foam mattress such as our Zinus High Density Foam Mattress is designed to contour to your body and evenly distribute weight. This provides enough cushioning to reduce the amount of air turbulence in the throat that causes snoring. Made with soft fibre and thicker foam, high-density foam mattresses are firmer than traditional mattresses, which prevents your body from sinking too deeply into the mattress, allowing you to breathe more easily and reduce snoring as a result.

4. Zinus Hybrid Spring Mattress

The combination of both latex and memory foam in the Zinus Hybrid Spring Mattress provides superior support for your body, which helps reduce the tension in your airways that might lead to snoring. By infusing microparticles of natural copper into its pressure-relieving memory foam, it also resists the build-up of odours, harmful germs, moulds, and even bed bugs, which are common allergens that can trigger snoring through an allergic reaction.

Other Ways to Stop Snoring Naturally

1. Maintain a Good Sleeping Position

A good sleeping position can be a simple but effective way to stop snoring. By lying on your side instead of your back, you can help reduce the pressure on your airways and throat muscles that cause snoring. Moreover, it is important that you keep your head slightly elevated when sleeping in order to maintain an open airway.

2. Use the Right Pillow

A supportive pillow that keeps your head and neck properly aligned can minimise airway obstruction and reduce the noise caused by snoring. Memory foam pillows are a popular choice for this purpose, as they help to keep your head and neck in the optimal position while sleeping. 

3. Leverage Adjustable Bed Bases

The ability to adjust the head and feet of the bed can help reduce snoring by allowing you to sleep in a position that does not cause your airways to narrow. With an adjustable bed base, you can customise the position of your mattress to provide extra support and comfort for a more restful sleep.

Enjoy Better Sleep with Mattresses from Zinus

At Zinus, we offer a wide selection of mattresses in Singapore that are perfect for any budget. Our mattresses are made with high-quality materials that are designed to last for years. Plus, our affordable mattresses available online come with a 100-Day Free Trial, so you can sleep knowing that you purchased the perfect mattress for you and your partner. From memory foam mattresses to latex mattresses and mattress toppers, you'll find everything you need to get a good night's sleep. Contact us today, and with our knowledgeable staff and unbeatable prices, you're sure to get the mattress that's right for you.

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