5 Bedroom Design Ideas to Transform it Into a Luxury Hotel Suite

Ask anyone about the best thing about going on a trip and something about getting the best night’s sleep while in the hotel is bound to come up. But what is it about a luxurious hotel that elevates one’s experience in ways their own bedrooms can’t? Be it the crisp, white linen that is freshly laundered or the distinct hotel-style bedroom design that is totally swoon-worthy, every thoughtful detail in a suite plays a role in making it haven-worthy. And the best part is that you can recreate the same feel and vibe in your own master bedroom with ease. From finding the best mattress in Singapore to take centre stage in your brand-new bedroom to other design elements that will help boost the visual appeal of the entire room, we cover five ways to turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel room.

1. Decorate with Streamlined Accessories

If you’ve noticed, high-end hotels rarely have an abundance of accessories. If anything, there is only a selected range of thoughtfully curated accessories that complement the overall design of the space. Therefore, it is clear to see that the rule of “less is more” stays true when it comes to hotel designs. To ensure that you truly embrace this concept and minimise visual clutter, focus on adding a personal touch with only the most essential accessories. Instead of going all out with random knick-knacks, go for design options that are elegant and will ground the room. Some examples of these include feature walls that add drama to the space or a small vase of flowers on your bedside table. These are all items that will make the room feel more zen.

2. Leverage Mirrors

Most hotel rooms aren’t that huge but for some reason, they feel large and inviting — you might want to feel the same way about your own bedroom. Since there is no way to physically increase the size of your bedroom, one of the best ways to give the illusion of space is to incorporate mirrors strategically. Capable of adding dimension and depth to a room, mirrors visually trick the eye into thinking that there is an abundance of space merely by reflecting light. Of course, this depends on where and how you place your mirrors. You can either place a mirror on top of a desk so that area can double as a vanity. Placing it at a height to divert attention away from unpleasant spots in the bedroom or adding them above your bedside tables also allows the mirrors to act as statement fillers.

3. Incorporate a Rug

Let’s be honest, walking barefoot on the plush carpets installed in hotel rooms makes it feel like you’re getting the ultimate royal treatment. While it might not be practical to install carpet flooring in your bedroom, adding a simple, solid-coloured rug can do the same. Small and chic enough to add colour without overwhelming the space, a rug can function as the final touch to pull off your bedroom design ideas — just be sure to pick a rug that complements your bedroom interior design. 

4. Pillow Talk

When it comes to pillows, it’s best if you threw the “less is more” concept out the window. With several pillows strewn over the mattress to a few more hidden in the wardrobe, hotel rooms make it clear that the more pillows there are, the better. To best support your head and neck, go for memory foam pillows that will easily lull you to sleep. At Zinus, we have a range of pillows like the Zinus Cool Green Tea Memory Foam Contour Pillow that not only boasts an ergonomic design that aligns with the curvature of your neck and back but is also made of an ultra-cool fabric that is the perfect solution for hot sleepers. The Zinus ‘Cool Series’ Cool Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow is another great alternative if you are looking for a well-constructed pillow. Infused in our BioFoam, you are guaranteed to be kept comfortable throughout the night.

5. Everything Revolves Around the Bed

Last but not least, the bed. Technically, everything in your bedroom should revolve around your mattress since every luxury hotel has a bed and mattress pairing as the star of the room. Even if you think triple sheeting with a thin blanket, bedsheets, and comforter is impractical, getting your hands on the best mattress is a must if you want a five-star treatment in your bedroom. With a wide selection of mattresses available online and in-stores in Singapore, finding an affordable mattress should be a breeze. At Zinus we have an expansive catalogue of mattresses that will efficiently cater to your needs and preferences. Pair it with any of our bed frames like the sophisticated and luxe Zinus Misty Platform Bed Frame, and you’re that much closer to bringing your luxury hotel-style bedroom aesthetic to life. Whether you go for a Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress that has natural green tea extract embedded in it or Zinus Bonnell Spring Mattress, simply throw on a Zinus topper and you may never want to leave your bedroom again. 

Bringing your bedroom design ideas to life requires several key essentials and one of those crucial pieces is undoubtedly a high-quality mattress. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at Zinus. Get up close and personal with our collection of affordable mattresses at the Zinus showrooms across Singapore. Alternatively, you can check out our collection online to see which will best help you achieve your dream luxury hotel-style bedroom. Offering a wide range of affordable mattresses online, find the one that will help you sleep better while complementing your bedroom interior design.