Spring VS Foam Mattress: What's The Difference?

Are you thinking of buying a new mattress, but are confused between the spring mattress and the  foam mattress? No doubt, all mattresses look the same on the outside, making it  hard to tell the difference by their appearances alone. And even when you get a feel of each option in-store, it can be confusing to reach the best decision, especially since your comfort is on the line for years to come after you make the big purchase. In this article, we dive deeper into the various aspects of both the foam and spring mattress so that you gain a better understanding of their similarities and differences before deciding on which is the right fit for you.

How Are They Manufactured?

The key to differentiating between a spring mattress and a foam mattress lies in understanding the manufacturing process. 

1. Spring Mattress 

Spring mattresses contain a dense web of hundreds of metal springs within the inner layers of the mattress, which are then wrapped up in several layers of soft foam or polyfoam to make the mattress comfortable and soft. The number and design of the coils in the mattress impacts the bounce and feel of the mattress. There are 4 common types of coils that can be found in standard coil mattresses- Bonnell coil, offset coil, pocket coil and continuous coil. Among these, Bonnell coils are used most commonly in most spring mattresses as they are cost-effective. The quality of the foam or cushioning material used and the thickness of the layers also  determines how comfortable the mattress is. 

2. Foam Mattress

Compared to the firmness and bounce of spring mattresses, foam mattresses are softer with more give.  Rather, foam mattresses contain several layers of different types of foam material such as memory foam or polyfoam, and are extra soft and plush. Generally, mattresses with memory foam are more popular because the foam material tends to remember the body shape of the user. As such, the foam material adapts and it contours to the curves of your body, providing ultimate comfort and relaxation. 

Function, Feel, and Pros

Having seen the make-up of both the mattresses, let’s now see how that impacts the functionality and how they fare against each other in terms of feel, comfort, and support.

1. Spring Mattress 

Feel and Comfort: There is room for enough airflow between the springs allowing the mattress to be more airy or breathable and cool- which is ideal for hot sleepers or for warmer temperatures. 

Support: These mattresses are comfortable and offer firm support, making it ideal for individuals who do not prefer those bouncy mattress options. 

2. Foam Mattress 

Feel and Comfort: A foam mattress keeps you comfortable with all its layers. It offers excellent support to relieve the various pressure points in your body without compromising on stability. 

Support: Foam provides excellent support to all body parts and joints, helping to relieve body and joint pain.

Prices and Cons of Spring and Foam Mattresses

Let’s see how both types of mattresses are priced and what are some of the disadvantages that some might experience over time.

1. Spring Mattress

Price: Spring mattresses come in a variety of prices. Compared with a full latex or memory foam mattress, some spring mattresses are cheaper. The prices of spring mattresses depends on the specifications of the spring mattress models. For example, an hybrid mattress with latex and pocketed springs may cost more than entry level spring mattresses, such as those with a bonnell spring system. Moreover, a vast range of spring mattresses are available catering to every budget so you have a lot of options to choose from.  

Cons: Over time, as the springs age, they tend to be noisy. However this is not the case for Zinus iCoil Spring Mattresses which have Zinus iCoil Technology, our own version of a pocketed spring system. Our iCoil Technology eliminates the noise of springs rubbing against one another.

2. Foam Mattress

Price: Foam mattresses can be cheaper or more expensive than spring mattresses due to a variety of factors such as the materials used.

Cons: Some types of foam tend to trap body heat. Also, foam is prone to release chemicals and toxic compounds after unpacking, releasing unpleasant smells for the initial few days. But this is not the case for Zinus mattresses which use natural seed oils for their production of memory foam mattresses. 

Which Mattresses Should I Choose? 

Spring and foam mattresses have their pros and cons, and thus, your choice will depend on your personal sleeping habits and preferences. For example, do you prefer a soft bed or a firm bed? Do you prefer mattresses with greater bounce and firmness? Or are you a fan of soft, luxurious, cosy layers to sink into a peaceful sleep? Also, for the Singapore weather, you should consider buying cooling mattresses with cooling effects like the ones in our cool  mattresses series

All Zinus mattresses are non-toxic, as we use hypoallergenic materials for all our mattresses, and our mattresses are well below the recommended radon safety levels as recommended by Korean standards. Visit our mattress website today and buy a mattress online that’s perfect for you. Check out our full collection of mattresses and pillows today!