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Have the Best of Both Worlds With our Hybrid Mattress in Singapore

The Zinus Hybrid Mattress Range utilises both latex & memory foam, and the iCoil spring system to offer you uninterrupted sleep. A hybrid mattress is a multi-layer bed that incorporates memory foam, latex, or gel along with an innerspring system. They comprise individually wrapped pocketed coils that work independently to reduce motion transfer, enhance support across your entire body and adapt to your body shape for a blissfully comfortable sleep. Experience the best of both worlds - enjoy both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the sturdy feel of a traditional spring mattress. 

The Copper Memory Foam shares similar cooling properties with cooling mattresses and pocket spring mattresses in assisting the dissipation of body heat. Additionally, the Copper Memory Foam and plush microfibre combination provides for a cloud-like, luxurious feel that adapts to your body for relief from sore joints and muscles.

It is a match made in heaven with support and comfort at its best. Buy your hybrid mattress online today from Zinus Singapore for a heavenly night’s sleep!

Why Should You Buy A Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses offer a unique combination of comfort, support, and durability that make them an excellent choice for a wide range of sleepers. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a hybrid mattress:

  • Excellent Support and Comfort: The combination of memory foam, latex, and innerspring coils provides exceptional support and comfort. The foam and latex layers cushion the body's pressure points, while the innerspring coils provide support and stability.
  • Motion Isolation: The individually wrapped pocketed coils work independently to reduce motion transfer, ensuring that one person's movements on the bed do not disturb the other's sleep. This feature makes hybrid mattresses ideal for couples who have varying sleep schedules or who move around in their sleep.
  • Cooling Effect: Hybrid mattresses with a latex layer offer excellent cooling properties, allowing for better airflow and heat dissipation. The latex layer allows the mattress to remain cool throughout the night, preventing discomfort and sweating.
  • Versatility: Hybrid mattresses are versatile and suitable for a wide range of sleep positions and body types. They offer a good balance between support and cushioning, making them suitable for stomach, side, and back sleepers.
  • Durability: The combination of high-quality materials used in hybrid mattresses makes them more durable than traditional mattresses. The innerspring coils offer long-lasting support, while the foam and latex layers provide cushioning and pressure relief.

For all these reasons, hybrid mattresses offer the best of both worlds, combining the support of a traditional innerspring mattress with the comfort and pressure relief of memory foam and latex. They are a versatile option suitable for a wide range of sleepers and offer excellent motion isolation, cooling properties, and durability.

Who Should Buy Hybrid Mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses combine conformability and responsiveness, making them good mattresses for couples with different comfort preferences. If one prefers firm support and another loves deep contouring, a hybrid gives them the best of both worlds. They are also popular with couples for the bounce they provide in a mattress.

People with a bigger build and a heavier body weight prefer them to other mattresses as they appreciate a sturdy design that supports the body without sinking easily.

Hybrid mattresses deliver an excellent balance between conforming and support, which benefits people who like to sleep on their stomachs. Its comfort layers have cushioning for pressure points, while the support layers provide stable support to prevent a stomach sleeper's midsection from sinking excessively.

Free Trials Available

Wondering how a hybrid mattress feels? Experience it now with our 100-day free trial in Singapore. Buy your hybrid mattress online today from Zinus Singapore and start enjoying uninterrupted sleep.