What is a Hybrid Mattress?

When it comes to mattresses, there are several different types available to cater to different sleeping requirements. Mattresses are designed according to the functionality they’re meant to provide and use the right materials accordingly to achieve those outcomes. So even if all mattresses look similar to you, you should look deeper to understand which one will be ideal for your specific sleep needs. 

One mattress type you might have heard of is a hybrid mattress. But what is a hybrid mattress and should you buy one? Let’s get to know the hybrid mattress more in this article.

What is a Hybrid Mattress? 

As the name indicates, a hybrid mattress combines different mattress components such as traditional spring coils and multiple layers of foam. This gives the benefits of different materials or mattress types to users of all body types and sleeping habits.

Hybrid mattress layers typically comprise individually wrapped spring coils for firm support, covered in a layer of memory foam for soft body hugging comfort that can help relieve joint pressure. Materials used in hybrid mattresses may include memory foam, polyurethane foam, latex, gel-infused foam, cotton, cashmere, or even wool. Hybrid mattresses can also be made with certified organic materials to suit users who are looking for eco-friendly and non-toxic options. 

Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress

1. Minimum Motion Transfer

A hybrid mattress is usually firm and bouncy without being too soft. Due to this, it is an ideal mattress to minimise motion transfer. This is an ideal mattress for those who move a lot in their sleep as the minimum motion transfer will help prevent their partner or significant other’s sleep from being disturbed.

2. Cool and Breathable

Memory foam mattresses are more prone to trapping body heat, making them steamy and hot. In contrast the way a hybrid mattress is constructed allows for better heat transfer and breathability due to the innerspring core, making for a cooler and soothing sleeping experience especially in Singapore’s tropical weather. 

 3. Helpful in Preventing Back and Joint Pain

The correct alignment of your spine as you sleep goes a long way in preventing back and joint pain. Using too soft or too firm a mattress can prove detrimental to your back health if you do not get the appropriate level of neck or lower back support. A hybrid mattress provides adequate support for your spine as the foam layers cushion the joints and contours of your body supported by the inner springs.

Buy Zinus Hybrid Mattresses Online

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Some options include:

All Zinus hybrid mattresses are made from all-natural materials. Our mattresses’ anti-microbial properties and hypoallergenic top layer helps to prevent bacteria growth to ensure better sleep for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 

We also infuse microparticles of natural copper within our mattress foam to fight odours, harmful germs, dust mites, and mould. The copper particles additionally help with heat transfer to keep you cool and ensure a super comfortable feel with excellent pressure relief. 

With knitted soft fabric covering the top of our mattresses and high quality foam and springs to support your weight, it’s time to sink into the most peaceful and luxurious sleep you’ll ever have. 

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